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A new way to tackle climate change

Oil companies only listen to their shareholders.

That’s why thousands of people just like you have become Green Shareholders in Big Oil through Follow This.

Join us today to cast your vote on the future of the oil industry.

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we need change with oil companies with the help of follow this

Why buy shares in oil companies?

As shareholders, we get to determine what oil companies do by tabling resolutions at their Annual General Meetings for all shareholders to vote on.

The Follow This resolutions give investors a choice that no oil company would ever give them without us: to limit global warming to 1.5°C or to carry on with business-as-usual.

How does it work?

Buying a share not only gives you a vote, it also encourages big institutional investors (banks, pensions, insurers, asset managers etc) with millions of votes to follow our lead. 

The more members we represent, the easier it becomes to show large investors that people all over the world want Big Oil to shift their investments from fossil fuels to renewables.

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Using the system against itself

We’re using the system to change the system. The tools we need to transform Big Oil already exist, we just need more and more people to use them.

Add your vote and your weight to a growing movement of citizen investors and together we can change the world of oil and finance for good.

“We need to transition fast. There just is no other choice. The oil majors have the scale, capital and competencies needed for this. So either they do it, or they will be dismantled.”

Rens van Tilburg

Director at Sustainable Finance

Shape The Future Of Big Oil

Follow This explained in 1 minute

This video explains how you can help to stop climate change as a green shareholder.

The goal of Follow This is to get Big Oil to put their brains and billions behind the energy transition to a fossil free world.

As a first step, we want to see these companies commit to aligning their CO2 emissions targets (including Scope 3) with the Paris Agreement.

We do this by uniting green shareholders and submitting climate resolutions to shareholder meetings of big oil companies.

Join us and make an investment to stop climate change by becoming a green shareholder with Follow This today.

What our supporters say

“We need all the methods to make change. The money exists, let’s put it to good use.”


“It feels like we’re hacking capitalism and using the system which is something we need to do a lot more of.”


“It’s inspiring and empowering to come together as citizens to make change and put pressure on corporations.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

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