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Support our fight against climate change
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we need change with oil companies with the help of follow this

It’s now or never in the transition to clean energy

Every penny you invest in us is spent on tackling the greatest crisis of our time, right at its root - the fossil fuel industry.

Time is ticking for the industry to change but with your help we can show them that the time is undeniably now

Our resolutions make a real difference

Our resolutions insist that Big Oil and its shareholders make a choice that they wouldn’t have to make without our pressure: keep global warming below 1.5°C or admit that their plans are not aligned with the Paris Agreement.

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Your support is working

Every donation and purchase of a green share demonstrates to Big Oil, institutional investors and the world that it is time to move away from fossil fuels.

We’ve already seen that the more voices we represent, the more we are listened to - and it is working. 

“We need to transition fast. There just is no other choice. The oil majors have the scale, capital and competencies needed for this. So either they do it, or they will be dismantled.”

Rens van Tilburg

Director at Sustainable Finance

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Help us fight the climate crisis now

Support our fight against climate change